Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Sunrise Mount Batur trek

Before we came travelling we read about this trek up a mountain near Ubud and it was something we all agreed we would love to do together. I was a bit nervous in the morning about how my foot would hold up but I took some pain killers and tried to forget about it. We were picked up at 2am in the morning and in our group of 14 we headed to a cafe for a quick coffee stop before we made our way to the mountain start point. By the time we were ready to start the trek it was about 4am. We were greeted my 3 local boys who were our guides for the morning and we all headed out into the darkness. The climb took us about 2 hours in total with quite a few stops on the way up (as we were in a large group and they wanted us to stay together). It was an amazing feeling once we reached the top and overlooked Bali with some amazing views. We were served some breakfast and then started to make our way back down at around 7:30am. I found getting down a lot harder than climbing up as it was pretty slippy underfoot and unstable at times but we all managed to climb down with no injuries and thank god I coped fine with my foot (and it wasn't inflamed when we got home either!)
Once the team were all down we made our way back to Ubud but before we had a final stop at another coffee shop on the way home where we could taste test a variety of different local coffees called Kopi Luwak which includes part digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by the Asian palm Civet. By this point we were all so tired that all we wanted to do was go to bed but we had agreed to have a traditional Balinese dish cooked for us for lunch from our host. So we stayed up and tried to eat as much of it as we could but it was very spicy and none of us deal very well with spice. The dish itself was suckling pig, fried pork fritters, spicy Balinese salsa (which we didn't know about), crispy golden pork skin, urap and rice traditionally called Babi Guling. We then eventually napped for a while before having a stroll down the Main Street and grabbing some food before heading back to bed. Overall it was great day and I'm so proud we made it and I experienced this moment with my two best friends. 




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