Saturday, 10 December 2016

Uluwatu- surf central

We then made our way down to Uluwatu for a few nights to make sure we didn't miss Single Fins on a Sunday which was highly recommended to us by a few people as the beach club party in Bali. So on our first day we explored around where we were staying and walked to the beach however the tide was in so there wasn't any beach by this point. Instead we sat and had some late lunch overlooking the sea which was lovely. You could watch all the surfers as this is the place they come to surf on Bali. The next day we decided instead of walking down to the beach again we would sit by the pool at a local resort near to where we were staying. It was pretty cloudy and we sat out for a good couple of hours before making our way back to chill and then get ready to go Single Fins. We all managed to catch the sun during the day which was stupid of us. So all ready to go we made our way to the beach party just before 6pm to watch the sunset. It was so much fun! We ended up bumping into this couple we met in our hostel in Seminyak and spent the night with them. They were from Canada and were travelling too. We eventually made our way home and straight to bed as we were making our way to Lembongan the next day (one of the Islands) 







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