Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Quick stop in Kuala Lumpur

After nearly 2 weeks on the Thai Islands it was time to leave and head to city life for a couple of days. We got a boat from Phi Phi to Phuket and flew out of Phuket to Kuala Lumpur. We arrived at our hostel at 2am so slept in all morning and then headed out to do some exploring. We visited central market which was just round the corner from our hostel and then got a train into the city centre where the Petronas Twin Towers are. After looking round the shops and stopping at Nando's for a cheeky dinner (only cost £4 for a whole meal!!) we went to see the towers at night and watch the fountain display just outside. We got the train back and headed into central market again to get henna from a lovely lady in the market. Day 2 we decided to go to the botanical gardens which is one of the top attractions in Kuala Lumpur according to trip advisor. Unfortunately we were rather disappointed and didn't stay very long before heading back into the city. Instead we decided to go to the cinema (which was freezing!!) before heading back to the hostel again. Kuala Lumpur is a lovely city with very friendly people! To get around we used Uber which was cheaper than taxis and other transport links. Would definitely go back.





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