Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Bali Bound

Bali bound and first stop Ubud. Our flight from Singapore was moved to a later time which meant we didn't land till after midnight in Ubud. We had arranged for our homestay to pick us up however after waiting for over an hour we decided to get a taxi and not wait any longer. By the time we got to our homestay it was half 3am and we were all knackered, however no one was around to check us in and it soon became a nightmare of a night where we camped outside on a dirty old mattress until someone was awake at 6am. There had been confusion with the hosts but luckily it was all sorted and resolved in the end. 
Within this time I had managed to pick up an infection from a cut on my foot so first day I had stop off at a doctors and get it checked out. We then headed to Monkey Forest just down the road from where we were staying. I thought I would be fine with the monkeys but one jumped on me out of the blue which put me on edge the rest of the way round and another came after my water bottle. Luckily they stayed clear of my foot! The next day my foot was pretty swollen so I decided to stay in in the morning as we had booked Mount Batur trek the next day which I didn't want to miss out on. 





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