Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Singapore Sling time

I loved Kuala Lumpur but after a short stay it was time to head to Singapore for another pit stop. We only had a couple of nights booked here so when we landed we checked into our hostel and headed into the main city for a Singapore Sling at the Raffles hotel which is where the drink was invented back in 1915 for women to socialise. After this we walked to the Garden by the Bay which was beautiful and headed up the skyline to watch sunset over the city buildings. We grabbed dinner at a shopping complex before making our way home. Day 2 we got up and headed to the VivoCity mall to have a look around the shops as it was Black Friday. Fortunately most prices were still quite expensive so we just window shopped and then found this lovely salad bar for lunch. We headed back to our hostel and chilled before making our way slightly out of the city to the night safari at Singapore zoo. This was really fun and we were like 3 big kids again. We watched a animal show, explored the pathways through the zoo and also went on a tour ride! Great night. Day 3 was airport day. Our flight was at 9:20pm but we researched and found out we could check in 6 hours before. Singapore was voted the best airport in the world so we all wanted to see what the fuss was about. So after wasting some time nearby our hostel we made our way to the airport. Inside there is plenty to do. Lots of amazing shops, a cinema, a rooftop pool, restaurants, butterfly gardens and more! So we explored what we could and the airport didn't disappoint. 









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