Friday, 14 October 2016

Elephant Nature Park

Today we went to Elephant Nature Park to see the elephants. Before arriving we had been reccomended this particular one by friends and researched to make sure it was ethical to the elephants. 
The park is home to 71 elephants, majority female with only 7 males. We first went to visit 2 very friendly females where you could get up close with them, touch and take photos. Elephants skin is quite hard and harsh to touch. Afterwards we explored the park further heading over to a family and a new addition. The baby elephant was adorable, the way it skipped across the fields. After this it was lunchtime where the park provided an amazing buffet of vegatarian food. 
After lunch we headed down to the lake where we got to bath the elephants and get bathed ourselves in the muddy water! That was really fun and the elephants seemed to really enjoy it. The oldest elephant in the park is 90 years old and has to be given a special diet as she no longer has her teeth. So we got to go and feed her sticky rice and mango balls. 
Elephants eat around 18 hours a day so there was always lots of food around for them. 

Was an amazing day which we all enjoyed and would definitely recommend to anyone interested. 





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