Sunday, 9 October 2016

Hello Chiang Mai

We finally made it after our 14 hour train ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. During our train ride we got talking to this lovely American guy called Chris who is currently exploring by himself for a couple of weeks before returning to his family. We ended up playing card games for a few hours and gave Chris some suggestions of things/places to go in London when he stops off in a weeks time. Then it was time for bed. I had a top bunk which was comfortable and I did sleep however I wouldn't suggest going up top if you have a cold (like I do currently) as the air con vents are right beside you.




The train was late arriving by about an hour and a half but this actually worked out well for us because it meant we didn't have to wait long before we could get in to our room at the hostel we are staying in. 

After a quick wonder around the local streets we decided to go to the main temple here in Chiang Mai called Doi Suthep (Wat Phra That Doi Suthep). It had what felt like 1000 steps to climb before reaching the top. The temple itself was pretty small but because it is situated on the montain you can see the whole of Chiang Mai which was incredible. 

We are going to head out to the Sunday market here later and hopefully grab some nice street food.



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