Friday, 14 October 2016

Sticky waterfall dream

On Tuesday we decided to get up early and go to the sticky waterfall in Chiang Mai called Bua Thong. We got there about 10:45am and that was the best time to go because we basically had it to ourselves for the rest of the morning before it started getting busy around 12ish. The rocks don't go slippy when the water runs down so you can climb up the waterfall and back down again really easily. It was so much fun, definitely go there if you ever go to Chiang Mai. We then went for dinner at a restaurant called Lemongrass recommend to us by a friend and it was delicious! The best meal I've had so far. I had a Massaman curry and tried some of my friends Yellow Thai curry and all of it was delicious. We then ended the night at a Jazz bar where we arranged to meet some other travellers who we met on our train journey up from Bangkok which was a great night with great company. Now onto Pai! 







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